What Is A Composting Toilet?

What Is A Composting Toilet?

A composting toilet is a human waste disposal mechanism that uses microbes in the air to break down human excrement. Traditional toilets are connected to plumbing and use water pressure to flush away debris to either a septic field or through a sewer system. Waste material in composting toilets transfers to a recycling receptacle, located on site Some composting toilet models use an electrical current to burn waste to ash, however, many composting toilet systems just use oxygen to do the job.

A natural composting toilet differs from a chemical toilet, as chemical toilets use additives to break down waste, and composting toilets mainly use forced air to whoosh waste away into a larger tank where it further breaks down. You can find “starter pack” of natural composting toilet ingredients to help break down the waste in the recycling tank, or add some garden soil to stimulate the process.

Why Use a Composting Toilet?

More households than ever are getting on the green bandwagon, so composting toilets are trendy with those who are concerned about the environmental impact from sewer and septic loading. A composting toilet, when properly constructed and vented, is the ideal solution for those who want freedom from septic tank maintenance.

What About the Smell?

Die hard composting toilet users swear there is virtually no odor. According compost toilet users, keeping odor from a composting toilet at bay is easy. The secret is proper air channeling. Because the air in the bathroom is pulled through the toilet, it forces the waste into the second larger basement tank, The bathroom itself holds no lingering smell. The system relies on negative pressure, and air is heated as it travels to help break down the final product.

Is a Composting Toilet System Expensive?

Composting toilets not only save you money on your water bill, but the cost to construct and maintain such as system is less than a septic or sewer system. See prices at http://Toiletadvisors.com. Using a composting toilet system can help save the environment as well as save a homeowner money in the long run.